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File: Ellipsis (Multi-Target DoT Timers)10-14-10
Holy shit. I am happy the author is...
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Holy shit. I am happy the author is still maintaining this addon. I would be lost completely without it.
File: Spellcraft10-13-10
Re: Spellcraft and PTR 4.x/Cataclysm
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Originally posted by Peyana Will there be an update? If so, I will be happy to test for you if you don't have a subscription. addon seems operational. auto sheep whispers still work as does the portal/teleport pull down menu. So does the auto sell function. Everything seems in tact unless I am missing something. Those ar...
File: Spellcraft12-22-09
I fckin LOVE YOU! for coming back s...
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I fckin LOVE YOU! for coming back seriously. If I could have ur babies I would, and I dont care if that sounds gay. I have been personally updating the mod patch to patch, and got it working on my dk and my priest for what I want. changed the reagents to devout candle and stuff like that, but ty for coming back mother of pearl best n...