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File: McDuck09-19-10
Slash Commands?
Posted By: noxmonk
Slash commands don't appear to work.
File: XToLevel07-04-10
Re: Re: Hrm
Posted By: noxmonk
Thanks for the quick reply Alti! Yes, it did disallow the configuration window to be opened. I installed something called gUI by goldpaw initially and thought that it may have been that. So I deleted my interface and WTF folders, and redownloaded and created the interface folder with just XTL. Again the problem persisted. The...
File: XToLevel07-03-10
Posted By: noxmonk
I just installed this mod on a new pc of mine, all default settings for WoW and I got this. Message: Interface\FrameXML\InterfaceOptionsFrame.lua:435: Usage: InterfaceOptionsFrame_OpenToCategory("categoryName" or panel) Time: 07/03/10 11:29:13 Count: 10 Stack: : in function `assert' Interface\FrameXML\InterfaceOptionsFrame.lua...
File: LiteStats12-02-09
Posted By: noxmonk
My current WIP: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3295658/WIP.jpg I'm using LightPanels for the bar/display and your stats bar that I just bottomed. I've been looking for a minimap that would go with it and noticed the pic you had on the litestats here, is that done with LitePanels and LiteStats?
File: NugRunning10-20-08
Pretty awesome timer mod, but is th...
Posted By: noxmonk
Pretty awesome timer mod, but is there a way to track the player you cast the renew on?