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File: FuBar - BagFu04-26-07
I got Bag_Fu working again by updat...
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I got Bag_Fu working again by updating FuBar itself from: to: thanks again.
File: ClearFont204-26-07
I got ClearFont 2 working again by...
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I got ClearFont 2 working again by updating FuBar itself from: to: thanks again.
File: ClearFont204-26-07
no diff either file kilburn sorry....
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no diff either file kilburn sorry. I've looked thru threads trying to find out away to update "LIBRARYIES" looks like is issue. This is 2nd addon withing a week to update.. that blocks any and all fubar addons from loading up. bar missing also. Bag_fu was the other I had to revert version's to get basic bar and my many addon...
File: FuBar - BagFu04-16-07
reverted older version
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i had to reinstall as the current release blocked any fubar/ace2 things from loading up.. reverted version problem fixed. :) i don't used topscore so that was not in my equation. updateing all libraries sounds like a mess to me.. :eek: I've about 15 fubar addons. gotta be a simpler way to do that.
File: FuBar - LocationFu03-16-07
missing lib
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first time using this addon .. use all your others for the most part.. error: missing lib Tourist 2.0 .. short version of error.. but thats it. plz advise ;)
File: Bagnon01-11-07
All Chars Inventory
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Originally posted by Tuller Make sure you're using the most recent version. I know I implemented some changes specifically for the 2.0.3 patch shortly after it was implemented on the beta realms. This is probley the most important addon I'm using so far. And really hate the thought that I may have to revert to a different o...
File: FuBar - OutfitterFu12-27-06
you might try to load the latest ve...
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you might try to load the latest version of FUbar also .. I had this same issue when ckknight updated his performance fu ... some mods are using the older fubar2.0 codes and breaking the bar totally as is skillplusfu. FuBar=Core Core=Change Mods=Change Compatiblity issue: FuBar-r21893 and FuBar_OutfitterFu-2.0.22263 Works...
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu12-22-06
2.2.6 broken
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2.2.6 does not show my cooldowns nor other players any more i went back to 2.2.5 all is well again. Great addon keep it up. I also noticed that if i mouse over purge char i'm getting a strange line drawn as if its attempting to draw a frame on my right side of screen about 2/3 the way down.
File: FubBar - SkillsPlusFuLt12-08-06
errors with light and 2.20 full
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Error: AceAddon: AceOO-2.0: Library "AceHook-2.0" does not exist. AddOn: FuBar_SkillsPlusFu File: SkillsPlusFu.lua Line: 1 Count: 1 same error with the non light version.
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu12-08-06
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acehook 2.0 not found
File: Bagnon07-23-06
reinstall bagnon totally
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I removed all the bagnon banknon folders from /addons/ totally.. Then uncompressed the new ones from the latest version. All is well, I don't need the KC one so didn't add that folder.. All is well, I did have errors as shown below from other posters.. My fix as posted from Tuller in the readme, which not everyone reads unf...