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File: Openables05-16-13
Stolen Insignia
Posted By: f03809
could you add Stolen Shado-Pan Insignia and the like?
File: Openables05-03-13
Lockpick for Rogues
Posted By: f03809
A usefull function you may consider adding to this addon would be lockpicking. i currently use an addon called LockSmith that works similiar to this when locked containers are in inventory. it however does not open containers. I have openables installed for this function. It would be great if this addon would also to a lockpick f...
File: tomQuest209-15-12
Thanks for the update
Posted By: f03809
Thanks for the update!
File: tomQuest209-11-12
I'll post an update soon I just cam...
Posted By: f03809
I'll post an update soon I just came back to WOW :) Woot!!! Thank you! glad to know you are working on it. I was starting to look for other addons but nothing else seems to work for me as well. :)
File: Assigned Tank Assist09-06-12
Posted By: f03809
Thanks for the update!!
File: Assigned Tank Assist09-03-12
Any update for 5.0?
Posted By: f03809
Any update for 5.0?
File: tomQuest209-03-12
5.0 issue
Posted By: f03809
I am not sure if this is an issue with this addon on or something else that is causing this. Since 5.0, the notifications for when quest criteria has been fulfilled no longer appears. This was the one of the main reasons I liked this addon. Any update for 5.0 coming?
File: tomQuest210-15-10
Awesome! Thank you!!! Patch time...
Posted By: f03809
Awesome! Thank you!!! Patch time is always rough! :)
File: tomQuest210-14-10
4.0 upgrade?
Posted By: f03809
Any plans to upgrade this addon to WOW 4.0?