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File: oUF_coree05-28-09
Great work! How would I create a...
Great work! How would I create arena frames? I've searched everywhere, but I can't find any documentation on how this is done... I've so far added in oUF:Spawn("arena1"):SetPoint("RIGHT", oUF.units.targettarget, 112, 0) oUF:Spawn("arena2"):SetPoint("BOTTOM", oUF.units.arena1, 0, -23) oUF:Spawn("arena3"):SetPoint("BOTTOM",...
File: Chicchai05-28-09
Is there a way to make the chat fra...
Is there a way to make the chat frame completely disappear when minimized? I have local minimizedLines = 0 in the .lua, but it still shows 1 line. Thanks!
File: Chicchai05-28-09
Re: Maximize on Editbox shown
Originally posted by oxman A little modification in core.lua : local MaximizeOnInput = true -- Maximize when you begin to enter text if (MaximizeOnInput) then local orgChatFrame_OpenChat = ChatFrame_OpenChat ChatFrame_OpenChat = function(text, chatFrame) self = chatFrame if ( not self ) then self = DEFA...
File: oUF Smooth Update05-28-09
Great work Gotai!
Great work Gotai!
File: TipTac10-18-08
There is a problem with displaying...
There is a problem with displaying target of target unitframe tooltips. When I mouseover the target of another player, the default blizzard tooltip appears. This doesn't happen when I select myself and mouseover my target's target (myself).