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File: ZChatTarget02-02-07
Would you be so kind to consider ad...
Posted By: Rick_Hunter
Would you be so kind to consider adding two other options? /who /invite
File: Xolpass01-19-07
Posted By: Rick_Hunter
There is one thing that bothers me. If you want to make a clean screenshot without UI-elements, Xolpass will remain visible.
File: Bartender301-16-07
Lost a Bar
Posted By: Rick_Hunter
It looks like one of the Bars is outside the screen. How do I get it back? It would be great to prevent this behaviour in the Future.
File: VitalWatch05-29-06
catch the bug
Posted By: Rick_Hunter
Shapeshiftig as a Druide from bear to human on lowhealth produced following error. Interface\Addon\Vitalwatch\Vitalwatch.lua:201 attempt to compare number with nil Besides that everything working fine.
File: VitalWatch05-26-06
Hi there. I like the mod, especia...
Posted By: Rick_Hunter
Hi there. I like the mod, especially the alarming of groupmembers. But a Textpopup isn't enough for me. With SCT running, there is a lot of textspam on screen. At the moment I'm using this one to visually grab my attention: http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-3385-1-low-health-warning-new-low-life-warning.html Would it...