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File: AfterCast06-21-07
Posted By: Randrageous
Great mod. I was just wondering if there's a way to have Aftercast recognize conditionals? For example: /aftercast /raid Misdirect on %f so that it will only spam /raid if I have a focus target that exists, instead of saying "Misdirect on (no focus)" when I choose a target manually. TIA
File: Cartographer: Scribe01-23-07
Also, it seems that cartographer us...
Posted By: Randrageous
Also, it seems that cartographer users in my guild are getting spammed with notes from scribe in the "Gereral" database. Would it be possible to have scribe use its own database somehow? So people with the noteshare module can filter incoming scribe notes, or people WITH scribe can disable sharing of scribe notes by default. They...
File: Cartographer: Scribe01-19-07
Awesome module for cartographer. Re...
Posted By: Randrageous
Awesome module for cartographer. Really looking forward to being able to sort/hide the panel ;)