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File: Annoying Pop-up Remover05-11-17
Re: Send mail dialog
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Recently a popup confirmation has been added to my mail interface that forces me to confirm when I send mail that I 'really' want to send to that person. It always pops up when I send to my alts, but not when I send to strangers. Is it possible to add this to your addon? Seconding this request. I cannot find another addon to rem...
File: Power Bars02-22-13
I really really wish this was conti...
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I really really wish this was continued... it is precisely what I was looking for. :(
File: ItemRack12-26-11
Glad to see this back again, as I d...
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Glad to see this back again, as I don't think Blizzard's equipment manager compares. Is there a way to turn off the feature that pops out the list of available items when I hover over an equipment slot in the character screen, though? I find it distracting.
File: PhanxChat07-03-11
Originally posted by TGulics Odd....
Posted By: Meltorefas
Originally posted by TGulics Odd. After the latest update, the chat tab resizing issue is gone, but the chat tab labels are all shifted to the right. That means your first tab has no label, "General" flows onto the second tab, bumping "Combat Log" off further to the right... I reset my chat settings to see if that was part of th...