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File: Tankadin2 - LDB Plug-in05-04-09
Posted By: divstator
http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info10474-ButtonBin.html I'm not sure what you mean by "link" but the above is a link to the Buttonbin addon. No error messages either.
File: Tankadin2 - LDB Plug-in05-03-09
Not showing
Posted By: divstator
I'm using Button Bin LDB display and I'm not seeing the addon in the bar, it's showing enabled but nothing in the bar. Am I missing something?
File: Decursive11-12-08
Looks like the proper name functio...
Posted By: divstator
Looks like the proper name function at 463 in the dcr_utils.lua is not compensating for a 2 word proper name, instead of "Death Knight" it's seeing "Death knight".
File: ItemRack10-19-08
button hiding
Posted By: divstator
Is there a command to hide the dockable buttons? Toggle used to do it, but that toggles sets now, unless I've missed something.