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File: HideChatButton07-21-13
It's alive!!!
Posted By: Alfuin
This works as of Wow 5.3, just update the TOC to 50300. No LUA bugs discovered so far! :banana:
File: oUF_Diablo09-22-09
Galaxy leaking stars?
Posted By: Alfuin
Is it possible to edit the galaxy images so that they do not go outside the orb? When they rotate, it "leak out" of the orbs. Should be possible, but I'm a clutz at editing graphics.
File: Ka-ching!07-16-09
Originally posted by trickzta Gre...
Posted By: Alfuin
Originally posted by trickzta Great addon man. i love using it.. now whenever im at the AH i dont needa open my bags all the time to look at my money. Yes, that is one of the things Ka-ching! is useful for... assuming you have the money frame visible, and not hidden behind the bags or the AH window. Never thought of this myself...
File: DILLIGAF V1.305-17-09
FYI, you've forgotten to add the xm...
Posted By: Alfuin
FYI, you've forgotten to add the xml file in the zip. It's ok for those just updating your addon, but for those who are downloading it first time, it would not work. :(
File: HelpFrameButton05-17-09
Originally posted by jack1990 You...
Posted By: Alfuin
Originally posted by jack1990 You're aware you can type "/gm" to get the same result as what you've created an addon to do? Yeah, but it is easier to click on a button on the screen or press a single key (or two). Writing "/gm" requires five keystrokes. Enter, slash, g, m, enter. I am lazy, but I prefer to work hard so I can be...
File: Tabby05-03-09
ButtonInfo error
Posted By: Alfuin
Date: 2009-05-03 14:45:22 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Tabby\Core.lua line 31: attempt to index global 'ButtonInfo' (a nil value) Debug: : ? Tabby\Core.lua:31: ?() Tabby\Core.lua:315: Tabby\Core.lua:313 AddOns: Swatter, v5.4.4157 (WallabyII) ACP, v3.1.0.17 AddFriend...
File: DILLIGAF V1.305-01-09
Error in Main Chunk?
Posted By: Alfuin
Date: 2009-05-01 10:58:28 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua line 2517: assertion failed! Debug: : ? : assert() ..\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:2517: ChatFrame_AddMessageEventFilter() Dilligaf\Dilligaf.lua:49: in main chunk AddOns: (Same as before)
File: DILLIGAF V1.304-30-09
Aelobin and me did some work on you...
Posted By: Alfuin
Aelobin and me did some work on your code, as it kept giving error in sysSpamFilter, and we got this code in the end. It will block any channel messages containing " is under atack!", not even showing the first one. That you have to work in using your other functions. function sysSpamFilter(self,event,msg,...) for k,v in pairs(b...
File: DILLIGAF V1.304-29-09
Missing quote marks?
Posted By: Alfuin
In version 1.2, is it not an error in line 17? blockedPhraseTable = { is under attack!,} I have not tested it because realms are down over here in the EU, but should is under attack! not be quoted? Edit: Ok, servers up, I tested the code, and it did error on line 17. I edited the code, adding quotes around it, but then it s...
File: Ka-ching!04-17-09
Originally posted by Loktarx Nice...
Posted By: Alfuin
Originally posted by Loktarx Nice addon, might find a use for my UI. Thanks. :) I would love to see a screenshot of your UI with my addon implemented. :D
File: Satrina Buff Frames 304-13-09
Posted By: Alfuin
Originally posted by Massus As of today, it seems that my buff frames are just -gone-. I can't seem to make them appear. However, when I hit /sbf options, they pop up to be configured, and then disappear again when I close the config frame. I want them back =*( Read the filters FAQ: http://evilempireguild.org/SBF/filters.php
File: DILLIGAF V1.302-26-09
The constant system spamming of tha...
Posted By: Alfuin
The constant system spamming of that some place "is under attack" is surely annoying, but I have also found that the announcement in Dalaran, that a portal has been opened to Winterspring, is just as annoying. :mad: What if D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. scans for ANY system message, compare it with last one broadcasted, and suppress the follow...
File: DILLIGAF V1.302-25-09
Remove nil?
Posted By: Alfuin
Date: 2009-02-25 18:55:56 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Dilligaf\Dilligaf.lua line 10: bad argument #1 to 'remove' (table expected, got nil) Debug: : ? : remove() Dilligaf\Dilligaf.lua:10: Dilligaf_OnUpdate() :1: :1 AddOns: (Too many to mention.)
File: DILLIGAF V1.302-24-09
Posted By: Alfuin
Does It Look Like I Give A Fu... :D Great to see it is done, Shadowfaux, I am going to test it out right away. :) Jim
File: Chat Alias Lite02-09-09
New bug...
Posted By: Alfuin
A new bug, albeit a minor one... These two lines follow eachother in your latest code of ChatAliasLiteAliases.lua, I am sure you can see the problem. ='ALIASVAL = UnitName("mouseovertarget")', ='ALIASVAL = UnitClass("mouseovertarget")', Plus, I offer a new batch of aliases to make it easier for others to use in "shorthand":...
File: Broker_Memory01-19-09
Broker Memory won't show on my UI....
Posted By: Alfuin
Broker Memory won't show on my UI. Does not seem to be any conflicts, it just does not show. I can not access it via any slash commands, nor via the interface menu... I guess it is sort of click or hover over the stats frame shown in your image, but that is not showing anywhere, unless hidden behind other frames... Would it be too mu...
File: WowLua01-01-09
Posted By: Alfuin
Amazing I have not discovered this addon before! Absolutely wonderful! Downloaded and installed, it will be SO much easier to work on ideas. True, other addons, like NotesUNeed, allows for editing lua code, loading, saving, executing, but this is much nicer, and with colored text too!! /hug Chadhaire :banana:
File: Chat Alias Lite12-25-08
Mouseover alias...
Posted By: Alfuin
I got another alias for you, which I found useful... ="%mouseover", ="%mouseover", ="%mouseover", ="%mouseover", ="%mouseover", ="%mouseovertarget", ="%mouseovertarget", ="%mouseovertarget", ="%mouseovertarget", ="%mouseovertarget", ="%mouseovertarget", ="%mouseovertarget", - and the AliasVal for these on...
File: Chat Alias Lite12-25-08
Re: Fixes
Posted By: Alfuin
Originally posted by Jiral Sorry, but I haven't checked this in awhile. I'm glad you like the addon, even if you did find a few issues with it. I've added you guild and Imp-in-a-Ball replacements into the alias tables. And I fixed $sex to be consistent. I didn't remove the $gender or $eightball. But since you didn't actual...
File: CustomEmotes12-09-08
Posted By: Alfuin
First off, I wanted to say that the tooltip (/ce tooltips) is not showing up, I had to turn on the beginner's tooltip to be able to see anything. Second, I found a few syntax bugs in the custom emotes: General: PunchAndPie: last word is not the same (Yay!/Yum!) The Guild: SocialAct: social is misspelled (written as "socail")...
File: WeaponRebuff 3.412-03-08
Fishing buff in combat?
Posted By: Alfuin
Last few days WeaponRebuff has starting weird. I get up the fishing lure on the rebuff bar, and nothing else, even if I don't fish, or have the pole equipped. Toggling the fishing lures only on and off does not help either. If I can't figure this out, I go back to having my poisons on the regular bars... Here is a screenshot of the b...
File: Skull Alert Icon11-28-08
Posted By: Alfuin
Originally posted by Shadowfaux Hey! awesome yet simple addon :) Glad you like it! :banana: As I said in comments on it on Curse, it's purely esthetical. About as necessary as a nose job. :D
File: oUF_Diablo11-27-08
Changing orb text
Posted By: Arlyn
Hi, love this addon! I wondered about three things. First, can you add permanently a base line value, and a center point value, so that all we have to do to move the interface up or to the sides, is to edit two single values? Second, can you add the option to hide all the extra stuff except the orbs, artbar, and demon/angel? I ref...
File: Skull Alert Icon11-26-08
Ok, I edited the code a little, to...
Posted By: Arlyn
Ok, I edited the code a little, to load an edited .tga (smaller) instead of the previously used built-in .blp image. Uploaded on all three sites too, just need approval some places. :P
File: Skull Alert Icon11-26-08
Originally posted by Wimpface You...
Posted By: Arlyn
Originally posted by Wimpface You could, but you lacked the motivation! :rolleyes: EDIT: May i suggest that you edit the .tga file and resize it a bit so it doesn't overlap the border? :) You can use Paint.net for this :rolleyes: Actually, the addon does not use any .tga files, it uses an existing .blp provided by Blizzard....