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File: DecUI12-08-10
Class Colours
Posted By: Viisven
Do you happen to know of a way you can change the class colours? or just disable them? - My paladin seems to be allergic to pink... I installed ClassColors mod - which says it is compatible with yclasscolors that you are using but even after /rl'ing my interface remains overly pink! Edit: changing the option in Skinner and then...
File: DecUI08-19-10
Thank you
Posted By: Viisven
No complaints, no suggestions - just wanted to say thanks for the awesome UI :D
File: ElenIU08-11-10
Slight problem
Posted By: Viisven
I love this UI, thanks for all the hard work But, after installing and following your instructions I still have an unwanted red flashing shield icon about my character which I can't seem to get rid of....please advise?