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File: Shadowed Unit Frames04-30-10
Shadowed: Perhaps what stille means...
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Shadowed: Perhaps what stille means is that there is no way to show a bar background for the casting bar when casting is not occurring; it just leaves a blank space and the frame background shows through, regardless of the "Show background" setting. If not, I've got a feature for the wishlist: the ability to customize the cast bar ba...
File: ArkInventory10-23-08
Re: Re: Empty slots not grouped with bag( ) rules
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Solzay and Addon Author arkayenro, The following instructions/code snippets implement the changes I have requested. First, regarding the "bag" function not including empty slots.. In ArkInventory.lua, replace the ArkInventory.ItemCategoryGetPrimary function with the following: function ArkInventory.ItemCategoryGetPrimary( i )...
File: ArkInventory10-21-08
Empty slots not grouped with bag( ) rules
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I believe the code in ArkInventory.ItemCategoryGetPrimary should be modified so that if the slot is empty, a rule category can still be determined. And as part of this, "empty" could be put back in the rule functions. This makes it possible to have a profile to group your bags, a bar per bag.
File: DoubleWide10-16-08
Originally posted by honem This w...
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Originally posted by honem This would cause problems further down the line when someone asks if it's code has been updated for 3.02 and people would assume it has as the TOC number has been updated. How? The TOC update isn't leaving the user's computer. The TOC number does not guarantee that the addon has been updated - it's no...
File: Ion Action Bars10-16-08
Action ID propagation borked
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When clicking to propagate action IDs, currently every bar has its IDs reset. But this will fix it. Line 903 of Macaroon_Buttons_Editor.lua - the line that looks like this, in the Macaroon.ActionEditPropagate_OnClick function: if (button ~= btn and button.config.type == btn.config.type) then should be changed to this:...
File: ArkInventory10-16-08
Empty slot color stuck on white
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I'm using 3.01.08 and having the same issue as sindalee. If I don't choose "Use Icon" for empty slots, they will be white. Changing the Empty Slot Colour doesn't actually change anything, unless I use the "BLIZZARD ADDON MENU" window to toggle Use Icon off, and then empty slots will be the correct color.. but only until I refresh t...