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File: PerfectRaid07-28-11
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I Cladhaire, Firstly, sorry for my poor english... i m french. So i just Wanted to know if you will release a new version of your famous add soon? I use it since a long time but sometines in raid, there are display bar bugs. The player seems to be in another dimension... Except this little point, your add still works perf...
File: PerfectRaid02-13-09
Posted By: alslayer
I'd like to know when new version will realease 'cause there are still little bugs in the current version. I'm french and i don'y know how to translate it but i can heal over 40m and the main tank seems to be far on the perfectraid but still healable. Thanks to clad for all your good job. Bisous Alain from france. ps :...