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File: TotemManager12-13-09
Fire nova totem - spell
Posted By: Daquin
When you cast the new fire nova spell the manager acts as if you have dropped the old totem, so you loose track of your current fire totem. Can you please remove the old nova totem from the fire menu.
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window10-29-08
Edit scroll
Posted By: Daquin
Edit window scroll bug. Easy to fix. Edit the atsw_customsorting.xml file. line numbers 350 and 371, need to add the - self, offset, - from FauxScrollFrame_OnVerticalScroll(16, ATSWCS_Update); to FauxScrollFrame_OnVerticalScroll(self, offset, 16, ATSWCS_Update); As for the linking error, no idea. I just use the reci...