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File: Ion: Status Bars10-29-10
hi Maul i am based in the UK and us...
Posted By: tarloch
hi Maul i am based in the UK and using en/GB client ok dont ask me how but i just created the bar again doing wot you said and its working fine now seems u need to reload the ui for the bar to show up
File: Ion: Status Bars10-28-10
so far i have created a mirror bar...
Posted By: tarloch
so far i have created a mirror bar and to get it to show up as breath i had to add "breath" to custom states. however this doesnt appear to work all the time and when i check the states in edit mode the custom state i added have not been saved. i presume i could just add more custom states for fatigue etc maybe the bar is not ful...
File: Ion: Status Bars10-27-10
breath/fatigue bar
Posted By: tarloch
i cant see my breath/fatigue bar how do i create one and get it to show up, thanks
File: ItemRack05-21-10
Re: Re: Updates
Posted By: tarloch
Originally posted by galvin The built in equipment manager sucks, its more work to get to it for one thing. For example I would have fishing pole equipped, but couldn't switch back to TG without manually unequipping fishing pole. Itemrack does this no problem. Most things blizzard copies is always a stripped down version of th...
File: ItemRack05-20-10
Re: I couldn't equip some items
Posted By: tarloch
i have tried the scripts here for swapping gear when u change talents and when i test it it swapss ok but if i try a macro as described or use the talent window the gear does not equip, wot am i doing wrong? i would also like to be able to have my gear swap back to previous when i leave stealth how do i do this? thanks