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File: Tincup-UI 4.0 Optimized for 1920x120002-02-10
Originally posted by Quee I reali...
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Originally posted by Quee I realized I didn't scrub my personal info when I uploaded, so I cleaned it up and re-uploaded :) Thanks for pointing it out. As a tank I really live the threat plates. Have you had a chance to try them out? Really nice UI you got there. But I Downloaded it today and the dropdown is still there....
File: Roth UI (Diablo)01-20-09
Hi, first of all nice UI. I like...
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Hi, first of all nice UI. I like it. I just have a Question. In the Raid Screenshot you have above your Actionbars some Debuff/Buff Timers can you tell me how to get them? It looks like Character Specific Timers.