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File: We Don't Wipe02-17-15
Re: Next Update
Posted By: Neptuno
I am going to have another go at making WDW compatible with the Curse and wow interface auto installers. I know the file juggling up to now is painful - I hate it too! Don't know how I will do it. Gave up last time. I will NOT use libraries like "Ace" as some players need to keep their AddOns very lean and efficient. I am one s...
File: LUI v308-29-11
doesn't seem to be compatible with...
Posted By: Neptuno
doesn't seem to be compatible with dominos. after trying bartender, i attempted to switch back as dominos labels the bars in the screen configuration mode. locked up the game. guessing ill just have to figure out which bar is which for converting to bartender another way.
File: Tankadin210-16-08
so, i found it important (and thus...
Posted By: Neptuno
so, i found it important (and thus tested it) to determine if a positive value on "critable" was good or bad given the lack of the awesome coloring in older versions. (negative is bad if you're reading and did not realize... i checked with my Fire Resist set). great mob with much more configuration than before... will the RD and AD...