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File: NDragIt03-11-08
So good
Posted By: Tazmanyak
I use it, I love it, I dont know how i could live without it so long :D Thank you ;)
File: Gem Viewer03-01-08
Hello me again, I come to tell you...
Posted By: Tazmanyak
Hello me again, I come to tell you there is an "encoding" problem with the french localization i provide ... The deutch part uses UTF8, and the french one what seems to be standard 8 bit. So, the french localization wont work ingame because all the accentuated characters are "gone away". Maybe you could check this plz?
File: Gem Viewer02-19-08
I confirm ... There is an unneeded...
Posted By: Tazmanyak
I confirm ... There is an unneeded end line 196 (end of frfr locales elseif) Just delete it and it should fix the problem before sna release a patch i think ... Sorry this is my fault, it comes from my files when i sent translation to sna ^^
File: Gem Viewer02-10-08
frFR locale
Posted By: Tazmanyak
You can check your PM's ^^
File: Gem Viewer02-03-08
Re: Re: Re: frFR locale
Posted By: Tazmanyak
I worked a bit on fr localization, and i found some tiny errors (accents). Now i can scan the AH and display results, even filter by colors, quality ... Some of the other filters (the list) still dont work, and i cant figure why ... Some others (the one still in english) will be translated soon. Here is the "actual work": el...
File: Gem Viewer02-01-08
Re: Re: frFR locale
Posted By: Tazmanyak
Thank you for the reply, Yes i use the last version form WowI, do you have a more up-to-date version somewhere? I will try to localize all the gems paterns to french, i will just need some time to do it, then i'll post or PM my work, with tests results.
File: Gem Viewer01-22-08
frFR locale
Posted By: Tazmanyak
Hello sna :) Playing wow with a frFR client i tried your addon, decided to help with localization. But ... From scratch, ie fresh installed addon, nothing display in the SGV frame after a scan ... Open AH Go to SGV tab Hit scan -> got the message "AH scan complete" but the tab remains empty (there are gems for sale at AH)...
File: Get To The Point11-16-07
It really sounds awesome! The alt-...
Posted By: Tazmanyak
It really sounds awesome! The alt-learning is a great idea for sure :) Congrats for your work!!
File: Bartender309-17-07
Posted By: Tazmanyak
BT3 is really one of my favorites addons, easy to config with i think all needed modules built-in. Is there a way (i didn't find ...) to have hunters aspects in Stancebar with BT3? If not, could i suggest you to add it please? Or please can someone redirect on a standalone-like? Thanks. And thank you Nev for your work on B...
File: Antagonist12-02-06
Please, just notice there are still...
Posted By: Tazmanyak
Please, just notice there are still errors for french client, all localizations (BC) arent finished yet ... I plan on ending BC spells traduction this week, but i will have more problems with creatures effects. I will try to localise these one as soon as i have more info. Antagonist is one of the better addons in its category, c...
File: HealWatch11-28-06
Good new ^^ What is your svn polic...
Posted By: Tazmanyak
Good new ^^ What is your svn policy? Is acces open for commits, or checkout?? I think your new project can be RaidCast, it seems really interesting, i will follow you on this one, and my guild too, they wont have choice; they use my addons :p
File: HealWatch11-26-06
Hi Josh After one month away from...
Posted By: Tazmanyak
Hi Josh After one month away from wow, where are you ? ^^ Do you still work on HW, have you new projects, maybe working on TBC compatibility ?? I will try to come soon on IRC so you can tell me what are the news ^^
File: FuBar - ReagentFu10-01-06
I came for the plugin bug, but it's...
Posted By: Tazmanyak
I came for the plugin bug, but it's repaired :) But please fix the toc UI version, thank you ^^
File: HealWatch07-26-06
I'm happy you released this new ver...
Posted By: Tazmanyak
I'm happy you released this new version, and my guildmates are happy too ... they no longer have an alpha one not really working :p
File: VitalWatch07-24-06
Posted By: Tazmanyak
Got it at login, but doesn't seem preventing HW to work as intended: VitalWatch\VitalWatch.lua:270: attempt to compare number with nil Another thing too ... could you think of a config frame please ? I find it really hard to do a good job easily (i edit the savedvariables lua for each character to do it, easiest than all these...
File: VitalWatch07-15-06
I will re-use vitalwatch, as i full...
Posted By: Tazmanyak
I will re-use vitalwatch, as i fully rebuild my UI. Just a question please Thrae, do you plan on moving it to Ace2 ?
File: Clique06-30-06
Clique will just be awesome i think...
Posted By: Tazmanyak
Clique will just be awesome i think, thank you for it ^^ I read on wowace forum that Kyahx will work on aceheal to make it a clique plugin, so my healer life will be nice i think :)
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames06-21-06
PCUF is suposrted by AceHeal. Rece...
Posted By: Tazmanyak
PCUF is suposrted by AceHeal. Recently i think they added PartyPets support too :)
File: EmoteLDB06-21-06
Please notice that 0.1.3 (last vers...
Posted By: Tazmanyak
Please notice that 0.1.3 (last version) archive patch is broken, Directory isn't created by extracting. I'm very slowly working on a Fr translation of emoteFu, will send it as soon as it will be finished.
File: ItemRack06-15-06
Hello all, As an ItemRack user,...
Posted By: Tazmanyak
Hello all, As an ItemRack user, skinner and not miner, i would be interested on the way to toggle sets for such tradeskills ... What function should i call ? If someone can give me an idea ... thank you all, And Gello first, for this awesome addon ^^ Edit: i didnt look enough time i think, found it 5 min after in forums :...
File: Bongos206-02-06
I think Bongos must stay simple ......
Posted By: Tazmanyak
I think Bongos must stay simple ... I love bongos because it's light, easy to configure. If something is added, it will become heavy, hard to configure, and it will no longer be bongos, but another Hard-bars addon As a feral druid, i would love a way to toggle bars when i go prowl. But another addon do it, and bongo stay ligh...
File: VitalWatch05-28-06
Flashing screen
Posted By: Tazmanyak
As it seems you're actually working on a flash screen effect, i just want to tell you that Ep_voileMortel doest it, and very well. It's an ace addon, low mem usage, no bugs. Now, to tell a little about Vital watch ... I play with a fr client, so i configure VW with fr emotes ... But VW sends En emotes to chat ... WHY ??? i dont...
File: EasyRaid05-11-06
Posted By: Tazmanyak
Please Feu, i didn't try your addon since its initial release. I didn't keep it because i had to chose between showing buffs OR showing debuffs. I really like the option of CT_RA to show buffs until someone is debuffed ... Is it implemented in EasyRaid now, or do you think you could code it ??? thanx, Btw your addon is reall...
File: FuBar - ReagentFu04-25-06
Hi ^^ In fr, Just to help, the...
Posted By: Tazmanyak
Hi ^^ In fr, Just to help, the druid reagent "Epinette sauvage" has changed for "Ronceterre sauvage". If you plan on patching it ^^
File: EasyPriest - AnnounceCast04-18-06
I think EpAC is the better announce...
Posted By: Tazmanyak
I think EpAC is the better announces addon ever done ... even in 3.x versions. Nothing more to say but ... thanx for it Oxman ^^