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File: Dominos11-03-13
There a way to change hotkey color?...
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There a way to change hotkey color? I've tinkered around with it for a while. Went into the ActionButton.lua file and added hotkey:SetFont(fontName, fontSize, 'OUTLINE') which works great, changes the font to the new font and everything works great Then I tried adding hotkey:SetVertexColor(1,1,1,1) to get the hotkey color to...
File: KuiNameplates11-27-12
Re: 5.1
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Just wanted to check to see, but is anyone else having issues with KNP since 5.1? It's loaded (/knp still brings up the GUI), but there are no changes being made to my nameplates. Everything has reverted back to default. Uncertain if it's just me or not, as I've not heard anything otherwise xD same issue
File: dMinimap 311-29-11
go through and replace all instance...
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go through and replace all instances of LFDSearchStatus with LFGSearchStatus and then replace hooksecurefunc("MiniMapLFG_UpdateIsShown", UpdateLFG) with hooksecurefunc("MiniMapLFG_Update", UpdateLFG) is how i got it to start working on my copy. Blizzard removed the LFDSearchStatus API and the MiniMapLFG_UpdateIsShown API.
File: oUF_Elen10-13-10
Holy power bar doesn't seem to upda...
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Holy power bar doesn't seem to update for me. Always looks like your screen of holy power bar
File: oUF_Led206-13-10
**EDIT NM I figured it out**
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**EDIT NM I figured it out**
File: oUF_bloo06-05-10
Go into the unitframes.lua included...
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Go into the unitframes.lua included with bloo and change the last 5 lines to this oUF:Spawn('player','oUF_bloo_Player'):SetPoint('CENTER', playerpos_x, playerpos_y) oUF:Spawn('target','oUF_bloo_Target'):SetPoint('CENTER', targetpos_x, targetpos_y) oUF:Spawn('targettarget','oUF_bloo_ToT'):SetPoint('CENTER', totpos_x, totpos_y) o...
File: Reflux02-16-10
On lines 270 and 329 of the Reflux....
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On lines 270 and 329 of the Reflux.lua file it says printf rather than print. Was causing LUA errors. Im not sure if its been brought to your attention or not but thats the only issue i've been having so far. Great mod :)
File: PallyPower02-09-10
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Im not sure if you are taking suggestions for future releases (and this is minor because this mod is already brilliant), but I would like to request the ability to do some conditional opacity changes like: Mouse over---set opacity of pp frame to 100% Mouse away---set opacity of pp frame to 0% Player unbuffed or buff ending in t...
File: kgPanels01-25-10
I'm trying to show a panel when my...
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I'm trying to show a panel when my focus target casts a spell and then hide it when the spell ends. I have the following in the scripts for the panel Im trying to get to do this but it doesnt do anything at all. Complete newb at scripting can anyone help me out with this? Id appreciate it immensely. OnLoad Section: self:Regist...
File: MikScrollingBattleText10-20-08
Originally posted by Mikord Palol...
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Originally posted by Mikord Paloladin: Make sure you don't have the Spam Control->Hide Names option enabled. Thanks alot Mikord, that was the problem.
File: MikScrollingBattleText10-19-08
I cant seem to get my targets name...
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I cant seem to get my targets name to show for my healing spells. When I change font the font change when i cast the spell so I know Im changing the right thing. right now the text is: +%a(%s - %n) ? 'n' should cover the name correct?