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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)11-16-12
Boss frames
Posted By: t4j
Hey, I noticed some problemes with my bossframes. the first frame works as I wanted to to work, but the 2nd and 3rd doesnt show up. theres just a black box where the frame is suppost to be. So my first step was to disable the bossframes and try something else, but here comes my real problem: the options to edit the bossframes is...
File: OPie09-04-11
trying to bind a mount in my ring a...
Posted By: t4j
trying to bind a mount in my ring as quick action, but getting this error: OPie\Meta\RingKeeperConfig.lua:656: table index is nil OPie\Meta\RingKeeperConfig.lua:656: in function (tail call): ? Locals: (*temporary) = "LeftButton" (*temporary) = false (*temporary) = =:-1
File: Skada Damage Meter08-08-11
Originally posted by todd3835 The...
Posted By: t4j
Originally posted by todd3835 The option to change the width of skada bars seems to be removed. Is my addon bugged? or was this actually removed? i thought so to, but apparently now, if you unlock your window you can drag its with and hight at the bottom right corner which will adjust the numbers of bars and with of the bars....
File: Execution05-07-11
Great addon
Posted By: t4j
Great addon, successor of thatjusthappened (stoped working for me, so im happy to see thisone)? but i ran in a few probs. for example when i want a msg to be printet like "+40% healing" it ignores everything beond the "%", so the output is only "+40" (if i recall right i would write stuffs like %event to output the name of the event,...