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File: Kong Automatic UI Hider04-17-09
Borked :(
Posted By: Vashra
This addon seems to have been borked by 3.1 Anyone else unable to get it to work now? I loved this thing and miss it!
File: DurabilityStatus from Cosmos04-17-09
Re: Re: Joo keeled it?
Posted By: Vashra
Originally posted by yarko That's weird. It's working fine for me. All I can offer is to have you try deleting the addon and reinstalling it and deleting the DurabilityStatus files form the SavedVariables folder in the WTF folder. My apologies - I do not know what they changed on my server, but after the rolling restarts today...
File: Too Many Addons04-16-09
Borked by 3.1
Posted By: Vashra
Sadly this addon has been wholly borked by patch 3.1 The only error message I caught I have posted here - it must be awfully important because the addon is utterly nonfunctional at this time. Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\TooManyAddons\TooManyAddons.lua line 180: attempt to index field 'TMAselectedp...
File: DurabilityStatus from Cosmos04-16-09
Joo keeled it?
Posted By: Vashra
So... WTF is the options command now to change anything or to hide that pesky little window? It's not listed in the readme file. This addon doesn't show up in Blizzard's "Addons" tab. I am unable to change any settings, set any warnings, or any of the other nifty stuff this wonderful addon should do.
File: XBar04-16-09
Future feature request?
Posted By: Vashra
Would it be possible to modify xbar so that they accepted cooldown overlay addons like omnicc? I would love to see my trap cooldowns in my xtrapbar :)
File: DoubleWide04-16-09
Originally posted by Taroven Open...
Posted By: Vashra
Originally posted by Taroven Open up the .toc file within DoubleWide's directory and change the "interface" line to 30000 if it's not already. Done, addon is current. An addon doesn't need to be constantly updated if it is feature-complete and working as intended. DoubleWide works just fine and has all the features it needs,...
File: FloatingFrames04-15-09
Originally posted by S0und If mov...
Posted By: Vashra
Originally posted by S0und If moveanything and FF is active at the same time this happends: http://users.atw.hu/s0und/wow/floatingframes.JPG if i turn off one of them, everything is fine Yeah I get the same bug. I am hoping to see this one day be updated to the point that I don't need move anything anymore.
File: Ingensu TrapMod - DEPRECATED02-05-09
Am I doing something wrong?
Posted By: Vashra
Ok I downloaded your mod. When I join a party or raid, the little box comes up. I set it to announce to PARTY and I choose the blue square as the "trap" mark. As the group leader, I mark the mobs. Then I fired a freezing arrow and trapped the mob with the blue square on his head. We killed the mobs around him and the tra...
File: XBar01-29-09
Re: Xbar still doesnt work post patch and post 3.14
Posted By: Vashra
Originally posted by Flashmaster .... tradebar, was working prior to patch 3.0.8, the problem seems to be in your software. Please fix it, or I will find a new action bar mod to use. Confirmed - trade bar is hosed in XP Professional. The most recent build fixed all the other bars that I use. I hear companion bar is also hosey b...
File: Outfitter01-29-09
Posted By: Vashra
What's really sad about the people who flamed the author of the addons for the breaking is that there was a temporary fix posted by someone several posts down. I used that temporary fix and was able to at least get the not-then-updated Outfitter to swap outfits from the character screen drop-down menu (the minimap button didn't seem...
File: AlphaMap01-29-09
A new glitch?
Posted By: Vashra
I'm not sure if I have something set incorrectly or if it's a glitch...I did not have this problem till patch 3 blah 8 ... and it seems to be a "sometimes yes sometimes no" problem which is driving me nuts. Just lately my TomTom waypoints are not showing up on AlphaMap. They show up just fine on the world map however. Same thin...
File: Auctioneer12-07-08
Re: Re: Did I break it?!?
Posted By: Vashra
Originally posted by Nechckn Vashra, The issue is addressed on our main site - http://norganna.org/discuss/discussion/8966 . Happy Sales, Nikk :cool: Ah ok - I thought it was pulling the information in real time. I've downloaded the wowhead client and I'm off killing everything that moves in the interests of helpi...
File: Auctioneer11-29-08
Did I break it?!?
Posted By: Vashra
Ok... I appear to be missing data for "sell to vendor" for a lot of stuff. I know the option is turned on because I can see it on other stuff, but the new scrolls and greens from northrend and so on...they are not showing any sell to venor line. I even tried selling a piece to a vendor and buying it back to see if this would...
File: Creature Comforts11-20-08
Originally posted by Phanx Everla...
Posted By: Vashra
Originally posted by Phanx Everlasting Underspore Frond creates Underspore Pod, not Underspore Frond. Looking at my code, I can't see any reason it shouldn't be including Underspore Pods in the list of things you can feed to your pet. What exactly is happening when you use the macro? Is it giving you the glowing hand cursor, or...
File: FloatingFrames11-14-08
Re: Re: Re: Re: They killed your baby!
Posted By: Vashra
Originally posted by sfa Character frame seems to be unmoveable since the latest patch. I've fixed that now. Waiting a bit with the release until i've checked up on the other bugreports first though. @Vashra: You tried to delete the settings file and the addon. Redownloaded it and tried again ? Because i haven't experienced a si...
File: FloatingFrames11-04-08
They killed your baby!
Posted By: Vashra
As of the tuesday patch (Nov 4), this addon is now crashing me to desktop with a pile of nasty errors *every* time. I took the time to disable and load every addon one..at..a..time to be sure it was yours :( I know nothing of coding, so I'll be watching to see when/if you fix this as it was one of my very favorite addons.
File: XBar10-17-08
Posted By: Vashra
Is there a way to set the alpha levels on the xbars so one can make them more transparent?