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File: EasyMail from Cosmos05-05-09
Re: Re: Special characters
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Originally posted by yarko Yes, you're correct. I'm surprised that the add-on has been out so long with no one reporting this problem. I will try to fix it. Truthfully, this is just one more reason I regret using a special character. Thanks for the quick reply.
File: EasyMail from Cosmos05-03-09
Special characters
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When sending to a character with a special character as the first letter (such as Óleifr), the first character isn't saved. It instantly gets changed to Leifr and is saved as such. Not sure how it works with special characters in other positions. Edit:Just noticed that it is saved as Óleifr and as Leifr.
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My Alphamap became offset from wher...
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My Alphamap became offset from where I actually was. This happened after riding tram Ironforge -> Stormwind. Reset after flight to Thelsamar. Sorry about lack of details. Anything else I can provide let me know. Edit: Continues to happen but appears to only be Stormwind City on AlphaMaps City.