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File: Prat 3.010-18-08
Originally posted by Theone4you H...
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Originally posted by Theone4you Hey i'm having this problem with Prat 3.0 everything works fine except when I get a summon(stone or lock summon) and when I join a raid the mod completely stops working. Any new text in my box is blank and anything I type I can't see. I'm having this problem too.
File: Scrolling Combat Text10-17-08
I just did a fresh install of SCT,...
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I just did a fresh install of SCT, however it's not showing up in the addons menu on my char list (SCT Options is however showing in the list). I also installed SCTD and SCTD-options (these are also both showing) However none of them are working, because SCT is apparently not installed. The SCT Folder is in the Addons Direct...