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File: TotemTimers12-23-10
I can't seem to figure out a way to...
Posted By: Psipherious
I can't seem to figure out a way to rearrange the icons from EnhanceCDs - is this possible? With new changes to Stormstrike it isn't our top priority hardest hitting attack anymore and I'd like to move it to arrange the cooldowns to be in priority order.
File: PlayerScore / GearScore12-22-10
Same Error Originally posted by St...
Posted By: Psipherious
Same Error Originally posted by StingerSoft Sometimes i have error when hovering on player (russian realms): Date: 2010-12-22 11:35:22 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\GearScore\scripts.lua line 2074: Usage: UnitName("unit") Debug: : ? : UnitName() GearScore\scripts.lua:2074:...
File: QuestGuru12-07-10
Re: QuestGuru Tracker crashes WoW on load... /cry
Posted By: Psipherious
Hey I'm actually getting this exact same error / game crash too but only on certain characters. An 80 Shaman and 80 Priest of mine get the crash. But it does not happen on an 80 Paladin and 80 DK on the same realm / faction. All 4 characters have not yet entered any Cataclysm only zones. They're all hangin' out in SW (I moved a...
File: QuestGuru12-06-10
I just wanted to say, you are aweso...
Posted By: Psipherious
I just wanted to say, you are awesome. I've been using this addon for ages. The Blizzard quest tracker is absolute garbage in comparison. I hope you never stop playing WoW and I really appreciate all the effort you put into this fantastic addon. Thanks so much!
File: Power Auras Classic10-26-10
Decided to go a bit nuts with your...
Posted By: Psipherious
Decided to go a bit nuts with your version numbers with 4.x eh? lol, a single update fix gets a whole x.1 version increment.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames10-12-10
Originally posted by Shadowed I'm...
Posted By: Psipherious
Originally posted by Shadowed I'm changing what I said previously on license: You are free to take over and modify the project as you wish, provided it's referenced that it was originally SUF. However, the addon has to have its own name instead of SUF, including the folder name. Good stuff, you rock! Thanks again for creatin...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames09-29-10
Posted By: Psipherious
Have you guys tried PitBull 4.0? I used to use 3.0 before it stopped development, then I switched to AG Unitframes, then when AG stopped development I switched to Shadowed. Shadowed is without question the best of the 3, it will absolutely be missed by many. XPerl doesn't even come close to comparing. The only one I've fo...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames09-13-10
That really is super sad, I, like s...
Posted By: Psipherious
That really is super sad, I, like some others, used to use AG Unit Frames, and then switched to this when that went unsupported. SUF improved on AG even further, such an incredibly customizable unit frames. You will be missed, thanks for making such a great addon up til now. Anyone have any recommended replacements with anywher...
File: Circle Cast09-09-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: Remove Gloss and Background?
Posted By: Psipherious
I certainly like that you can configure it in game now without having to edit the lua and reload interface, much more convenient. The positioning and what not works just fine for me, the only thing I have a bit of issue with is the colors I can't quite get the colors to change right, when I try to adjust 1 color no matter what I make...
File: Circle Cast08-24-10
Re: Re: Remove Gloss and Background?
Posted By: Psipherious
Originally posted by Nuckin i can throw these into the CC3 trunk at some point though. That'd be great if you had the time and could throw those into CC3. I just downloaded / installed it to try it out.
File: Circle Cast08-18-10
Remove Gloss and Background?
Posted By: Psipherious
Hey there, nice addon, was looking for something just like this, I like how it's very simple and lightweight (memory-wise). I am curious though, as to some customizations I'd like to make, is it possible to remove the gloss and the background and *only* display the progress ring? If so, how would one go about doing this? And...
File: CursorCastbar08-17-10
Bug on Auto-Attack?
Posted By: Psipherious
Hey, this is a really nice addon, it's almost exactly what I was looking for but I may have found a bug. Not sure if the author is still developing this, hasn't been much discussion in some time but here's what happens with me: I'm playing a hunter, and on a Hunter, when you cast Steady Shot, which has a cast time / cast bar, your...
File: Comergy07-19-10
Very nice addon, good job. Does...
Posted By: Psipherious
Very nice addon, good job. Does there happen to be a way to flip the combo points to the bottom row and energy on top? or even remove the combo points bar entirely?
File: VuhDo02-03-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: Help with Debuff Bar Colors
Posted By: Psipherious
Originally posted by Iza Thanks for the report. I think there's a glitch in background bar coloring when dispellable debuffs occur (which I have'nt found yet). I'll keep on looking... Ahh, now that you mention that, that makes sense. I get this issue on my Priest and Paladin, but not on my DK (who has no dispel abilities). Good...
File: VuhDo02-01-10
Re: Re: Help with Debuff Bar Colors
Posted By: Psipherious
Originally posted by Iza Hmm, I tested it with poisons on my pally and if I disable options=>colors=>states, "Background" and "Text" next to the poison color swatch neither text nor background change color when I get poisoned... (Plus an icons appears after options=>general=>standard, "Show Icon" is checked). I don't know what migh...
File: VuhDo01-30-10
Help with Debuff Bar Colors
Posted By: Psipherious
This is a fantastic addon, good work. I'm fairly new to it, have been messing with it for a few days, read tutorials and whatnot and spent many hours trying to figure things out. I'm having a major issue with debuffs and bar colors changing that I can't seem to figure out, perhaps one of you with more experience knows how to deal...
File: NotesUNeed12-10-09
Re: Re: Orphaned NuN
Posted By: Psipherious
Originally posted by mcorrente Down to business... anyone have any suggestions for an updated (albeit inferior) replacement? I would like to say thanks as well, NotesUNeed was a great addon, very handy. My first searches for a potential (albeit inferior) replacement yields this: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info4...
File: Satrina Buff Frames 308-13-09
Very nice, thx Satrina, didn't noti...
Posted By: Psipherious
Very nice, thx Satrina, didn't notice that checkbox before, checked that for my main buffs frame and works perfectly.
File: Satrina Buff Frames 308-12-09
I upgraded to 3.1.17 a few days ago...
Posted By: Psipherious
I upgraded to 3.1.17 a few days ago from 3.1.12. I have noticed when riding the horse vehicle mounts in the tournament grounds and inside the new instances that my buff for "Defend" coming from the vehicle is no longer displaying. My buff frame uses a black list and only blacklists auras and totems, which I have a separate buff fr...
File: LootLink10-31-08
LootLink Database?
Posted By: Psipherious
Anyone know of a recent LootLink database available for download, working with this newest version which has most BC items in it? I've done a few google searches and tried a few databases. I tried that LootLink Database Adder which merges an old database. But when I search for items with it, while they are now indeed in my databas...