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File: EnoughPoints08-05-11
Nice addon, I was looking for this....
Posted By: georgebv
Nice addon, I was looking for this. Suggestion: Make it track Honor Points as well. Thank you!
File: HealBot Continued01-11-10
Posted By: georgebv
Please add "Flash of Light" in the list of monitored buffs for paladins. That way, we can monitor Flash of Light HoT on the bar, as a buff. Thank you!
File: Auctioneer10-28-08
Re: Re: Problems with Stubby and Swatter
Posted By: georgebv
Thanks a lot, Nechckn! Originally posted by Nechckn Hi there, Georgebv, As to SlideBar, it looks like we missed one instance of it, so that should be fixed in the next release. For Swatter, all of the options can be accessed by entering /swat at the chat/command line interface. You can hide the errors and more but it s...
File: Auctioneer10-27-08
Problems with Stubby and Swatter
Posted By: georgebv
I have 2 problems, one with Stubby sidebar, every time I log in, it is reset to the factory position. It doesn't remember my settings. The second problem is with Swatter. If I remember correctly, in the past it could be set to display the errors in chat only, as a , and not as the big dialog. Is it possible to have that behavior...