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File: Useful Extras04-07-09
Re: Re: Add Minimalist Functions?
Posted By: Skillz
Originally posted by EVmaker I'll take a look at it, in the case of Minimap/Chat tweaks though I may or may not go with it, would depend on how small and simple the tweak is, because there are a great many good minimap/chat mods out there, and I don't really want to turn UE into another one. I love the options Minimalist and from...
File: Useful Extras04-06-09
Add Minimalist Functions?
Posted By: Skillz
Hey, I just stumbled upon your addon and it seems very promising! Is there any chance you could intergrate some of the options of the addon called "minimalist"? As it seems this addon is not updated anymore and it has somany great little extra's! - Enable/Disable Gryphons - Minimap Tweaks - Chat Tweaks - and more. Hope you...