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File: bUnitFrames12-15-13
First of all, I wanted to say thank...
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First of all, I wanted to say thank you for making this great UF mod. It's exactly what I was looking for: something lightweight yet configurable. I also have an error message to report to you. In addition to it, the bUF minimap button has disappeared and when I type in /buf in chat, it says it can't find that command. The unit fr...
File: Auditor10-09-12
Fan update for MoP
Posted By: faeldray
It looks like Alarisha is gone :( so I'm currently attempting to see if I can take over the maintenance of this addon. I've uploaded a fan update to Curseforge for the time being. It updates the TOC and added tracking for transmog and void storage.
File: oUF Phanx04-18-11
Player/Party Level
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Fantastic addon, I really love the look of it. I just wish I could find a good LUA guide so I can make a couple small changes here and there. On that note, is there any way for me to go about adding a little bit of text that shows the level of my character, as well as any in my party? I have an army of alts I play and with a lot o...
File: FuBar - FarmerFu10-18-08
Originally posted by Movarrin Wil...
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Originally posted by Movarrin Will this be updated for 3.02? This is on of the best utility addons ever. I second that. It seems to pretty much work except for the few errors I get.
File: Simple Threat Meter10-18-08
Re: Re: Re: Suggestion
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Originally posted by TGulics Does this mod require any updating for Wrath? The Threat library seems unnecessary now, but it would still be nice to have this two-bar system in place of something like Omen :) I've installed it for Patch 3.0 and although it throws some errors and I can't access any of the options, the bars do appe...