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File: BasicChatMods08-10-09
Lost my minimap button
Posted By: johnnyp
After updating several mods I can no longer find my minimap button for this mod. Is there anything I can type in the command line to get the options window to open?
File: UberQuest04-22-09
new error after 4/21 patch
Posted By: johnnyp
After 3.1 my minion would work, but all quests would load on the minion when accepted. As of yesterday, 4/21 my minion does not appear at all and I get the following error message. Date: 2009-04-22 01:14:00 ID: 3 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\UberQuest\UberQuest.lua line 1714: UberQuest_Minion:Set...
File: MetaMap (Fan Update)04-21-09
3.1 errors
Posted By: johnnyp
Patch 3.1 killed the ability to add new notes, but since I pretty much have everything in the game marked I wasn't to worried about it. As of the hotfix on 4/21 I have lost all of my notes. I use this to track things other map mods don't, like rare spawns, areas with high herb, mining node spawns, etc. Hope someone picks this...
File: MetaMap (Fan Update)01-20-09
Plaguelands: Scarlet Enclave
Posted By: johnnyp
I've finally gotten around to rolling a DK and was surprised to find that I can not add notes to this section. It appears that the zone is not currently supported by this mod. If there is a fix or a map I need to download I would appreciate anyone pointing me in the right direction. edit: I am currently using 3.02b6
File: UberQuest10-18-08
Problem with Multiple Toons
Posted By: johnnyp
I noticed that everything works great with the first toon I log into after the install, but then it will not work on any other toons on that server. Wondering if this is a known issue or how I can fix it.
File: TomTom10-18-08
Metamap Imports
Posted By: johnnyp
Metamap is more than likely dead now, so I, along with many others, am looking for a mod to replace it. I like this mod, but would like to see a way to import the 1900+ entries I've made already. I'm sure you would get hundreds if not thousands of new users supporting this mod if you could find a way to incorporate an import feat...