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File: SpartanUI11-24-10
Druid Eclipse Bar
Posted By: Aanolann
Since the update, the druid eclipse bar is a little too low and covers the stance bar. I looked through Bartender to try and move it, and tried several option in SUI, though even when I change rez its seems to move to stay over top. Any ideas how to move it up just a bit to match the Character panel again?
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Windows12-01-08
Re: New to Wow UI manager
Posted By: Aanolann
Originally posted by fuzznut Recently installed wowinterface manager but all my addons come up with resolve on them.. So when I go and search the addon on wowinterface I can't see to find the UID for the items. Out of all 118 addons I have installed am I going to need to go through all them to resolve the update issue. Fuzz...