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File: QuestHelper04-23-09
LDB friendly?
Posted By: Syno
I haven't just yet dl'd the newest ver of quest helper.... I have a question before I do so. I have my UI just the way I like it with minimal obstructions on my screen. Currently I have Docking Station (LDB Display) and Tom-Tom hook's into it placing the way point arrow right in my bottom bar (or wherever I wish). If I de...
File: Gnomish Yellow Pages01-23-09
Ill add this myself, Since post-pat...
Posted By: Syno
Ill add this myself, Since post-patch GYP completly breaks most of MY tradeskills, when I attempt to craft, my window is empty, or it shows what items I can make but won't let me craft them. For some strange reason smelting is uneffected, till this is fixed I will have to delete this addon :( But otherwise I did love it while it w...
File: DockingStation (Display)12-28-08
I love this but!
Posted By: Syno
My settings won't save no matter what I do.... reset my wtf... even try logging after setting up to force a save... all to no avail. I use 2 bars rather then 1 ... is that causing an issue perhaps?
File: Zelda loot12-17-08
I love this addon.
Posted By: Syno
So much so, I wish I could have a few more zelda sound FX. I would love it if: Made the SNES/N64 "potion chug" noise whenever I use a potion/healthstone/mana gem any way to figure out how I can do that? or mod this addon to do it? :O
File: SmartBuff12-16-08
dough, as I posted on your smart de...
Posted By: Syno
dough, as I posted on your smart debuff page. In regards to Unholy Death Knights (that have perma ghoul) Can there be an option to add ghouls to the buff lists? Only reason I really noticed is because I duo with my friend alot and it's annoying to have to target his pet to rebuff it -.-
File: SmartBuff12-16-08
DK pet buffs!
Posted By: Syno
As you may know, unholy DK's with proper talent pts get a permanent pet ghoul. I was hoping you could add support to buff DK pets? -Thanks ^__^'
File: SmartBuff11-17-08
Regarding warlock Firestone+Spellstone
Posted By: Syno
If I remember correctly, Smart Buff used to/ still gives you the option to cast / use wizard oils ETC on your wep. However I have noticed that Firestone/Spellstone are not currently supported. Is there anyway that you can support this?
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window10-19-08
Inscription errors.
Posted By: Syno
Im getting a few errors::confused: Particularly with The Rebirth and Unbridled Rebirth glyphs. First off: ATSW lists them plainly both as "Glyph of Rebirth" Then if I want to make Unbridled Rebirth, its queeing both of them :( I can link the if I try to link Unbridled then it posts it twice @[email protected]! Tho the second is posting...