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File: SSArena Frames10-24-08
my appologizes
Posted By: postage54
ok, i need to appologize, after much playing around, i figured out the problem, lol. im not useing wotlk, only patch 3.0.2. sorry to take up your time. don
File: SSArena Frames10-22-08
error questions
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hello shadowed. i downloaded r976. i unzipped it into my addon folder, which i had previously been running arena unit frames. when i installed ur add, i just went into the addon folder and deleted the arena unit frame folder. and saw yours was there. when i rebooted comp, then brought up wow, and typed /ssaf ui menu nothing would hap...
File: SSArena Frames10-19-08
help installing plz
Posted By: postage54
hello, im curious, when i type /ssaf ui, i get an error "isnt registed with aceconfig registry. when i enable proximo, then ssarena frames will run. is there some interface mod i need to install? thanks for your help. don