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File: ItemRack - Cataclysm11-01-10
or simply rename it something like...
Posted By: DartWyllt
or simply rename it something like GearRack 0.xxx telling to consider this like a continuation of ItemRack ... P.S. somewhere on this site, under comments of another gello's addon, i saw somwething like gello is trying to fix the incombat weapon swap, blocked in 3.2 or 3.3 patch, but didn't found any other news about itemrack from...
File: ItemRack10-16-10
IR minor issues
Posted By: DartWyllt
also menu on right click doesn't work and the little option on bar menu doesn't work neither ... but really tnx to updated this favolous addon ... i use it from vanilla and i can't stay whitout it ... anyway i've read somewhere that gello is working to build a new version of IR for cata ... we all hope it will coming asap ... XD
File: ItemRack12-17-09
Posted By: DartWyllt
Any1 knows if anywhere there's an update avaible or if the author is goin update it?