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File: Better Bindings Frame05-27-11
Working in 4.1
Posted By: ddffnn
As far as I can tell, this addon is working fine in 4.1, although I just installed it today and haven't given it much chance to break.
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)04-30-11
Druid mana bar doesn't update
Posted By: ddffnn
When I switch to a feral form the druid mana bar doesn't properly update. It stays at a low values instead of increasing as my mana regens. This has been happening for some time now (not just since 4.1).
File: EnemyScanner04-24-11
Re: Re: Re: Please add targetting capability...
Posted By: ddffnn
Originally posted by mikma Can't be coded now with Secure UI. Spy makes it work outside of combat using self:SetAttribute("macrotext", "/targetexact "..name)
File: Broker_wDurability04-10-11
Repair Tracking
Posted By: ddffnn
I have a separate addon (MailTrack) that automatically turns on mail tracking when I have new mail. It's a handy feature. So, I would love to have a durability addon that turns on repair tracking when my lowest item is below a certain percent (that can be selected). Do you think you could build this capability into Broker wDurabil...
File: ChronoBars04-08-11
Regarding the visual cast time feat...
Posted By: ddffnn
Regarding the visual cast time feature in NeedToKnow, you posted: Originally posted by ileben I understand how useful this might be for some classes, so I will definitely add this feature at some point or another. Maybe not in the very next version (atm im focusing on multi-target DoT bars) but probably one after. I'm postin...
File: AzCastBar02-07-11
Target castbar textures
Posted By: ddffnn
I think it would be really nice feature if AzCastBar could be configured to use different textures for targets' spells that can be interrupted and those that cannot.
File: Stalker11-30-10
Proposed fix
Posted By: ddffnn
Changing the word "this" to "self" on line 159 in Stalker.xml seems to fix the errors for me. Please be aware that the extensive changes to abilities in patch 4.0.1 render Stalker's level estimates inaccurate.
File: OPie10-25-10
Re: Dynamic
Posted By: ddffnn
Originally posted by slickwalker Is there any way to make this dynamically populate some rings. For example, using item categories, make one for "Battle Elixir" and have that ring automagically populate with any items that fall under "Battle Elixirs". You might be able to use a different addon that automatically update a macro...