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File: PerfectRaid08-29-14
Posted By: Miletus
Hello, Just wanted to check if you are still updating this awesome addon. My guild finally talked me into resubscribing to WoW and I'm not sure I can raid heal without PerfectRaid. So, does it appear to be working?
File: PerfectRaid09-01-12
I changed both instances of "GetNum...
Posted By: Miletus
I changed both instances of "GetNumRaidMembers" to "GetNumGroupMembers" in the referenced lines. So far, so good. I don't think I could dungeon or raid without this addon.
File: PerfectRaid11-30-11
Posted By: Miletus
I've been using this since early Wrath and I still love it. My main UI mod updated and added a Grid-like set of raid frames. Since I couldn't get rid of their raid frames, I've dumped that mod. All I need is PerfectRaid! Seriously, after adding Earthshield and other shaman buffs/HoTs to the display, PerfectRaid and Decursive ar...
File: DoTimerFanFix12-16-09
Move anchor?
Posted By: Miletus
Thanks for keeping this alive; I've been using DoTimer for a year or so and it helps my healing so much. I recently changed some raid frames and need to move my cooldown anchor to one side. I tried unchecking the "Locked" box under Cooldowns Anchor but was still unable to move the anchor. Is there another setting somewhere?
File: GupPet10-31-09
Great addon!
Posted By: Miletus
Thanks for the addon; just what I was looking for and it works perfectly :)
File: DoTimer04-08-09
Hello, I've been using this addon...
Posted By: Miletus
Hello, I've been using this addon for a while and I love it. I recently heard I can set it up to help announce the status of my Rebirth cooldown to a raid group. Can someone tell me how to do this? Desired outcome: Clicking on the cooldown timer sends a message to raid announcing how much longer till Rebirth is ready again....
File: Dominos01-21-09
Having a small problem where the ba...
Posted By: Miletus
Having a small problem where the bar that changes as you shapeshift stops working randomly. It was working right after the 3.0.8 patch and then suddenly stuck me with my bear form cast bar until I relogged. Worked fine again for a while before getting stuck on my cat form cast bar. Any ideas?
File: Prat 3.001-21-09
Hello, Some guildies directed me t...
Posted By: Miletus
Hello, Some guildies directed me to this awesome addon and so far it's great. One quick question: Is there a way to have player names show up in the channel color? I can get their level to show up in the color of the channel but not their actual name.