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File: wChat12-04-10
wChat options?
Posted By: Reiden33
I am unable to access the options menu. I don't see the Chat menu button at the "upright corner". Am I missing something?
File: VuhDo12-02-10
Autofiring Trinkets not working?
Posted By: Reiden33
I've tried on a few of my healing characters and it seems the auto firing of my Trinket does not work anymore. Trinket in slot 1 is Talisman of Resurgence. "Auto Trigger" is Enabled. "Trigger what..." is set to Trinket 1 on both healers but still not working.
File: BasicChatMods06-29-10
Originally posted by Mordread Set...
Posted By: Reiden33
Originally posted by Mordread Setting the insets to 0 should fix that. ChatFrame1:SetClampRectInsets(0,0,0,0) Where is this line found or if it needs to be added... where to add the line?
File: Shadowed Unit Frames12-15-09
Originally posted by Shadowed You...
Posted By: Reiden33
Originally posted by Shadowed You probably shouldn't have ShadowedUF_Options disabled then :p OK
File: Shadowed Unit Frames12-14-09
"Failed to load ShadowedUF_Options..."
Posted By: Reiden33
"Failed to load ShadowedUF_Options, cannot open configuration. Error returned: Disabled" ^^occurs when I'm typing /suf or /shadoweduf to bring up config options. Need a little help of working around or fixing this please. Love the UF, can't live without it. I've deleted the saved variables already but the error is still comin...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames08-08-09
Originally posted by Shadowed It'...
Posted By: Reiden33
Originally posted by Shadowed It's just an option, you can re-enable it under /suf -> Hide Blizzard Frames When I enable then disable SUF's Player Aura... Blizz' buffs/debuffs do not show. That's what I'm trying to do... Use Blizz' default buffs/debuffs next to the minimap.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames08-08-09
Player Auras....
Posted By: Reiden33
Is it intended for the player auras to replace Blizz default buffs/debuff/temp enchant even when NOT enabled in SUF config? I love the look of SUF but I usually choose not to show auras on the player frame and just utilize Blizz for that functionality.