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File: Sorted Currency Tab11-27-14
For German (deDE): local WoD = "Wa...
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For German (deDE): local WoD = "Warlords of Draenor" local DaR = "Dungeon und Schlachtzug" http://s7.directupload.net/images/141127/vipvmfmt.jpg Thanks! :-)
File: xMerchant11-22-10
Ok To do: Change fontsize -Do...
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Ok To do: Change fontsize -Done- Filter options -50%- Auction house recipe highlights Auto repair -Done- http://s.wowinterface.com/images/style_mmoi_wowi2/downloads/bugreports.gifhttp://s.wowinterface.com/images/style_mmoi_wowi2/downloads/featurerequests.gif Update coming soon!
File: sThreatMeter210-18-10
Originally posted by Toran Shanta...
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Originally posted by Toran Shantalya, what frame can we use to anchor a custom border to? For the whole sThreatMeter2 frame, not for each individual threat bar. It doesn't exist a frame that goes over all bars. You can check how many bars are available and change the size. Greetz Shantalya :banana:
File: xMerchant10-05-10
101005: - Now working with Catacly...
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101005: - Now working with Cataclysm-Beta
File: xMerchant07-06-10
Re: Recommendation
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100706: - Fixed: Now compatible with DropTheCheapestThing and SellOMatic
File: xMerchant07-04-10
100704: - Added: esES, esMX, ruRU,...
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100704: - Added: esES, esMX, ruRU, zhCN localization (Need feedback) - Changed: Recipes, that you have not yet learned, are marked green. Recipes, which you already learned are not marked anymore. (based on multiple wish) :-)
File: xMerchant07-02-10
Originally posted by Tchao For fr...
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Originally posted by Tchao For french localization, you can translate "To browse item tooltips, too" with "Chercher aussi dans les bulles d'aide". Hope it helps. Thanks! Next version with french localization. :-) http://www.imagebanana.com/img/r35z3a5c/frFR.jpg
File: ConfirmLeaveParty05-10-10
if ( GetLocale() == "deDE" ) then...
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if ( GetLocale() == "deDE" ) then CONFIRM_LEAVE_PARTY = "Willst du wirklich die Gruppe verlassen?"; end ~ Shantalya
File: sThreatMeter204-15-09
@Syngian: It's already built in, b...
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@Syngian: It's already built in, but Blizzard's event for that case does not fire. I look into it. @Yourstruly: 1.) Not possible. Blizzard does not give out threat data until you are in combat with the enemy. 2.) Normally it should appear again after 1.5 sec, because Blizzard sends the threat data out every 1.5 seconds.
File: sThreatMeter204-04-09
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TPS is now built in and seems to work. A few last tests will be made. An update is following in the next days. \o/
File: sThreatMeter203-26-09
@Facktotum: The TPS is already don...
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@Facktotum: The TPS is already done for a while. I only wait for my testers. @fru: An option for that is in planning state, but I don't play very much WOW at the moment, and therefore I can't program.
File: sThreatMeter203-21-09
@Facktotum: You can rather change...
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@Facktotum: You can rather change the font, if you have sharedmedia installed among other things. Otherwise, you can also replace "font.ttf" in "AddOns/sThreatMeter2" with yours.
File: sThreatMeter203-17-09
@Dawn: Here, this should it be: O...
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@Dawn: Here, this should it be: OnLoad script:self:RegisterEvent("UNIT_THREAT_LIST_UPDATE"); self:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED"); self:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_REGEN_ENABLED"); self:Hide(); OnEvent script:if ( event == "UNIT_THREAT_LIST_UPDATE" ) then if ( UnitExists("target") and UnitCanAttack("player", "target") ) th...
File: sThreatMeter203-09-09
@syrupk: Here, a makro will look li...
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@syrupk: Here, a makro will look like this. :-) /run local f = ChatFrame3; local min_x = 245 min_y = 125 max_x = 365 max_y = 125 if dX then f:SetWidth(min_x); f:SetHeight(min_y); dX = nil; else f:SetWidth(max_x); dX = true; f:SetHeight(max_y); end
File: sThreatMeter203-07-09
Sorry, fix is in pending. :o
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Sorry, fix is in pending. :o
File: sThreatMeter203-07-09
Hi, I've changed the coding back t...
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Hi, I've changed the coding back to UTF-8, however, the languages are now separated, but that surely doesn't do anything. :) @Cowberty: I'm currently looking at TpS, how to add it easy and gentle.
File: sThreatMeter203-06-09
Sorry, I wanted to upload the updat...
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Sorry, I wanted to upload the update yesterday, but I did not get the time for it. :( Does the DropDownMenu now work properly? I had to change the coding of the file. So, I have to ask, is your language still working? @sypruk: Hm... "sThreatMeter" is the Anchor here. It's always existent, but invisible and untouchable. :/ Perhap...
File: sThreatMeter203-04-09
Uhh, so many comments. O_O I try t...
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Uhh, so many comments. O_O I try to implement all of your desires. :D And thx to all. :)
File: CritterBox02-23-09
Here are 3 pics of my UI at the cur...
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Here are 3 pics of my UI at the current state, but it's still a construction area. http://img3.imagebanana.com/img/9wkn6was/WoWScrnShot_022309_192921.jpg http://img3.imagebanana.com/img/mie2erw4/WoWScrnShot_022309_193523.jpg http://img3.imagebanana.com/img/8gbow7gj/WoWScrnShot_022309_193828.jpg
File: CritterBox02-17-09
My first language is german and my...
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My first language is german and my english is miserable. :x I don't think it will be done in distant future. My friend always helps me with translation. :o
File: CritterBox02-13-09
Re: WoWInterface UI Manager Error
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Yes, it's my fault. Will be fixed as soon as possible.
File: CritterBox02-04-09
Re: MountBox?
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Yes, it's in planning state.
File: CritterBox02-03-09
Hi Jeania, Svensn and Jaim Sandar...
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Hi Jeania, Svensn and Jaim Sandar 1) I'm not sure yet. It won't be in the next version, though. 2) No... I thought source in general - "ah, so you can buy this pet" and if you're still interested, you can visit your favorite web page for more informations. But who knows? Eventually it will be done, however :) 3) I will try...