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File: HixxyUI (scales to fit widscreen)02-19-11
Originally posted by dallii Anoth...
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Originally posted by dallii Another update. After trying this UI for about 2 weeks, im finding I crash at random. The UI is very nice, but I just cant justify crashing in the middle of raids. There are only 18 mods that make up this ui, most of all these mods are used in a common raiding capacity, i just arrange them in a parti...
File: HixxyUI (scales to fit widscreen)01-23-11
Small Screen Resolution
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Thanks gothicknight, i spoke with someone else that requested the same thing. So i will make a smaller res UI. It may variate from the original as i would not have enough real estate to cram it all in. It will take a lil bit as i only play like 2 hours a day (maybe) due to work, kids, life...:banana: