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File: OPie04-06-09
Been getting this error since the l...
Posted By: Rhothran
Been getting this error since the last update when I pull up a ring sometimes. : Error: Original call failed while running hooks: GameTooltip.SetHyperlink: Auc-Advanced-5.4.4128 (WallabyII)\Libs\LibExtraTip\LibExtraTip.lua:251: GameTooltip:SetHyperlink(): Unknown link type(tail call): ? : ? : ?
File: TipTac03-18-09
Amazing addon, thank you. Health bar delay
Posted By: Rhothran
Your addon is awesome, I love it. Is there any way to remove the health bar popin effect though? I like how your health bar has the hp on it and is actually in the tooltip, but when I'm using it it'll cover up the text from nquestlog everytime before jumping down to make room. Not a huge deal, but it's getting kind of annoying ove...
File: EventHorizon03-13-09
Re: Re: Remember hiding
Posted By: Rhothran
Originally posted by Taroven That's intended. If you want it to stay hidden until entering combat, use Goose (a very small addon that lets you hide frames based on macro conditions). I actually wanted it to stay hidden for when I'm Holy spec, and then I'd like to reeanable for when I'm shadow. Eh, it's not a big deal, I'll...
File: EventHorizon03-12-09
Remember hiding
Posted By: Rhothran
Love the addon. It doesn't seem to remember the setting for when it's hidden though... If I logout and come back it's always shown, even if I told it to stay hiding.
File: Ackis Recipe List11-22-08
Great mod btw, but apparently I'm d...
Posted By: Rhothran
Great mod btw, but apparently I'm dumb. Exactly what does it mean to sort it by acquisition? Does that mean it's sorting it by closest to where you currently are so you can get them in the fastest amount of time? Or... what? Also, how does it sort it by location when some of them you can get from 10 or so different places?