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File: thinktank ui12-15-12
Pitbull in 5.1
Posted By: Yichimet
Having trouble with Pitbull display in 5.1--getting errors on profile switch and party isn't showing up, and periodically nothing is displaying on my bars at all. When I try to update to a new Pitbull 4 for 5.1 the layout breaks something fierce. Are you planning on updating for the new patch? I might be able to muddle through fixing...
File: ShieldsUp10-15-10
Oh man! Sorry about that--I usually...
Posted By: Yichimet
Oh man! Sorry about that--I usually keep all my addons up to date so I didn't even think to check version numbers. That explains a lot. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.
File: ShieldsUp10-13-10
Bugs with 4.0
Posted By: Yichimet
Hi Phanx--the addon isn't appearing for me unless I move its position, and it's not reporting any of my shields on any target--self/water or other/earth. I'll see if I can figure out if it's a mod conflict or a bug with ShieldsUp. Thanks!
File: KeyBinding Search12-10-09
On the Mac client for 3.3.0, enteri...
Posted By: Yichimet
On the Mac client for 3.3.0, entering text in the box for KeyBinding Search and hitting enter crashes WoW with a fatal error. When I can duplicate I'll post the error results.
File: Quick Auctions 312-04-09
"Not all your auctions were posted..."
Posted By: Yichimet
I've been having this problem on and off and can't seem to find out what's causing it to happen. While posting glyphs, generally 75-90 items scanned at a time, I have almost always been getting the "Not all your auctions were posted, ran out of space to split items even after waiting 10 seconds" for the past week. It doesn't always h...