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File: Ion12-18-08
Re: More to Possession than meets the eye
Posted By: Nalfeshnee
I did have to write a Macro and assign it to another button (not a Possess Bar Button) to properly Exit The Vehicles. May I ask what the macro consisted of? I tried /dismount but met with failure.
File: Ion12-17-08
missing portrait
Posted By: Nalfeshnee
Whenever I do a quest that involves me "becoming" something else such as the drake for Defending Wyrmrest Temple, I completely lose my portrait and have to reload the UI once I finally manage to dismount. Does this sound like an issue anyone else has had?
File: ArkInventory11-15-08
Re: Re: multiple toons
Posted By: Nalfeshnee
Originally posted by Gsusnme As far as this one goes, sounds simply like you're using different profiles for each toon, which is the default I believe. Go into the AI options via the Interface Menu and go to "Profile" say the toon you set it up on originally is named "Jacob" and the toon you are currently on is named "Jessup" simpl...
File: ArkInventory11-13-08
multiple toons
Posted By: Nalfeshnee
I don't think I missed a response to an issue like this but if I did please direct me. I began using Ark a couple days prior to WotLK. Each time I log to a different toon all my bars are reset to just 1 giant bag. I really hate having to reset all my bars each time I leave for and return from a bank alt. Any ideas? I love the id...
File: Ion10-31-08
Another small issue
Posted By: Nalfeshnee
I seem to have gotten my other issue resolved with a current download but I'm still seemingly having a problem. I'm trying to set up a pet bar with my hunter and I absolutely cannot make the defensive option appear for my pet. I get the option of aggressive and passive only when I make the pet id's populate on their own. I try to...
File: Ion10-28-08
Re: Re: Luv it!! but a small issue
Posted By: Nalfeshnee
Originally posted by Maul Is this with the latest versions? Within the last week, yes it is the latest versions. Never had it before.
File: Ion10-28-08
Luv it!! but a small issue
Posted By: Nalfeshnee
I just love the freedom this mod gives me but there is a couple teensy irritant problems. My bag menu bar relocates to center screen upon login on some of the toons on the computer but not all. The other issue is that periodically a spell will suddenly become replaced with a copy of the spell next to it on the bar. It seems pretty...