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File: SnowfallKeyPress04-27-10
Could anyone please post a mirror t...
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Could anyone please post a mirror to any version of snowfallkeypress which still had 'animation' option(button-blinking) ? Thanks. Edit: nvm found it... http://www.zone-28.com/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=39930 Yay, works fine for me. But I guess use at your own risk etc. :)
File: OmniCC10-20-08
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Hey, so here is my problem: Basically, I'm using default unit frames and bars, and since patch, there are cooldown models visible on target buffs(running wow clean, 0 addons), so let's say a buff is about to wear off, it's just so dark you can't even see what it is. Terribly annoying. So what I did trying to solve this ? Ofc got...