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File: Bartender410-21-08
Loujitsu: Until the Author respo...
Posted By: sndsdolf
Loujitsu: Until the Author responds to your post, here is a workaround for your request for additional bars. There is already support for 10 action bars of 12 buttons; please be sure that action bars 7 to 10 are enabled in the /bt config screen. Please note that any patch will erase the modification that follows. Unfortunat...
File: Bartender410-20-08
Please add xpbar and repbar to default reset code
Posted By: sndsdolf
Nice job on Bartender 4, I'm enjoying your work immensely. I was jostled while moving the xp bar, and as a result the xp bar was pushed out of the viewable area. Resetting the profile resulted in all of the bars moving back to the starting position except for the xp and rep bars. I browsed through the lua's and found the problem,...