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File: Auctionator08-19-10
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Hi, the addon is GREAT! I love it and use it pretty ... I have a suggestion it'd be good to implement a very useful data but not good to keep in mind. To have a sum total of the Buy Out or something like that of all our acuctions made, so know how much gold "will win"
File: Ion Action Bars09-28-09
Originally posted by Maul ...3) I...
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Originally posted by Maul ...3) I really enjoy the addon community. I do not want to stop making addons. It is just not in the cards right now, so-to-speak. Perhaps things will change for me and when Cataclysm comes out, I may find a renewed desire for the game and addons. So I leave that door open.... :) Ok some bug report: th...
File: MessageBoard07-28-09
Features requests!
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Great tool! Can it be configured so only Admins can post and reply topics? Also, there should be a different icon for Stickies :D I have more ideas for this fabulous addons, later will post it if u dont have problem.
File: EkCTRA_RaidStatus07-16-09
what addons need to run this?
Posted By: Shadowblack
what addons need to run this?
File: PitBull 3.007-15-09
Update version
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Hi guys, I have a problem... Im reinstall the WoW and make again my UI, was using 3.0 version and update to 4.0 and I really CAN'T understand hoy to config each module separated... I update to 4.0 because with 3.0 have a problem with focus target, can't do it. So update to 4.0 to fix that... This version (3.0) still work perfect?...
File: Ion Action Bars06-02-09
recently have problem with somes bu...
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recently have problem with somes buttons, for example, im lock and sometimes i have bind my healthstone on my bar and when sich on my dual spect and have a diferent HS, and back again to the original spect with the HS bind on my bar or something like that show me this unavaible, and if click it no problem, but show me unabaible, like...
File: Ion Action Bars04-27-09
Re: Re: posses/vehicle bar
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Originally posted by Maul Anyone who likes how the previous setup works does not have to use the new control bar. You can still have a possess/vehicle bar setup. But until such time that Blizzard adds more solid support for determining possess/vehicle states, I really needed to add a bar that is for both states. If the Control Bar...
File: Ion Action Bars04-26-09
posses/vehicle bar
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Posses bar and my vehicle are not working =(... plz explain what the new control bar, I have to create a bar with 3 states? Posses, and vehicle control? Edit: I was trying to fix the bar, and if check Control Bar, when the bar is active just show me the buttons skills, and dont show me the leave button and/or aim button. If not ch...
File: Ion Action Bars04-24-09
Originally posted by Maul The pet...
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Originally posted by Maul The pet bar shows itself based on pet existence. In what situation are you in where you possess/use a vehicle where your pet still exists? I will look into the button issue. Yes, I am going on when my pet still exists, that is, for example with my pet and I'm going to do a quest where I need to get...
File: Ion Action Bars04-23-09
in last version when I log somes bu...
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in last version when I log somes buttons are hide, just have to click on mac minimap button to open edit mode and they back question, I have my normal pet bar and another bar that I use for posses and vehicle bar, when is active there is any option to hide my pet bar?
File: Ion Action Bars04-20-09
Bind spell
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Hello and first welcom back Maul! really I love this addon I have my Main Bar binding with 1, 2, 3, 4, etc... when I create a Posses Bar like Vehicle Bar I have to bind that buttons... how can bind with 1, 2 , 3, etc. if I have already binding with that number my Main Bar. Thank you! PD: I know my english sucks... sorry
File: Ion Action Bars01-20-09
Yeah using http://www.wowinterface....
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Yeah using http://www.wowinterface.com/download...uild3.0.8.html and loading last profile saved work for me
File: Ion Action Bars11-24-08
Hello! I want to make a bar espe...
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Hello! I want to make a bar especially with my Metamorphoses, as you can see I am obviously Warlock and had the idea of a bar with the Spells from processing to appear ONLY if this turned Metamorphoses. As you can do this? Thank you very much and forgiveness for my English, which is not very good!
File: Ion Action Bars11-11-08
Bar for events!
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sorry for asking this that surely it asked, but comments are much to read, besides my English is not very good. I have the problem that in such a special event like the invasion or ChestEvent for example you change the bar and you see the new spell of this event, which achievement do not appear to Macaroon That's it, thank you...