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File: ForteXorcist12-18-09
Casting Spells on Focus target does not appear in timer
Posted By: dragonwang
Hello, For example, let's say I have Mob A targeted, and Mob B as focus. When I use the focus modifier macro to cast a spell on the focus while having Mob A targeted, the spell does not show up in the timer. Is it mandatory to target the Focus target in order for the spell to appear in the timer?
File: Caith UI03-08-09
Raid Icons in Zone Map/BG Map are not correct
Posted By: dragonwang
Hello, I'm having issue where the raid icons in the zone map/bg map does not match the character. For example, a Death Knight in Group 4 of 25-man raid is standing right next to me in the zone map. However, when I look at the correct map, it's a mage in Group 3. Does anyone know which mod is affecting this and how do I fix it?...
File: Caith UI10-26-08
Posted By: dragonwang
In EOTS, when we're catching a tower, the bar that shows the status of time left to catch the tower is all the way on the top of the screen, where it covers the score. How do I move the bar? Thanks in advance.
File: Caith UI10-21-08
Posted By: dragonwang
Hi Caith, in your 1280x1024 version, for some reason, I don't see the debuffs on me cast by enemy players. For example, I don't see lock's DOTs on me but yet i got the debuff. Every addon seems like it's functioning properly though. Pleases help. Thanks.