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File: SpellBinder02-20-11
bartender4 and spellbinder
Posted By: shoebox
Anyone else having any issues of utilizing spellbinder when you have bartender4 installed? After switching to Bar4, I've not been able to bring up the spellbinder config window, it would pop up with nothing in it. I've resorted to using Bindpad at the moment.
File: KuiNameplates02-13-11
Currently using Caelnameplates. I...
Posted By: shoebox
Currently using Caelnameplates. I like how your's look but was wondering if it has the option to autotoggle nameplates when in combat/out of combat feature that cael has.
File: caelNameplates06-10-10
Posted By: shoebox Hi, Thank you for providing us with a great addon. I've used your nameplates for a while now. I recently updated to the latest and came across this problem. The enemy name fonts are overlapping into the HP bars. I've searched and couldn't locate how...
File: StellarBars10-21-08
Great Job
Posted By: shoebox
Nice work cooler...updating all my other addons aswell since 3.0 p0rked em..complete revamping