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File: InDemand (Now with /rpt!)10-22-08
Awesome! Thx for the quick update....
Posted By: brendon2424
Awesome! Thx for the quick update. Previously I was getting no errors, just nothing happened. Now /in, /delay, and the new /ind all work. Wasnt an ace interference for me since I was only testing with your addon installed, but it works now with the update so I'm happy. Thx for the small effecient addon.
File: InDemand (Now with /rpt!)10-21-08
/in doesnt work as of 3.0.2
Posted By: brendon2424
As of 1.2.0005 in 3.0.2 the /rtp works fine, but the /in or /delay does not work. For example, "/rpt 2.5 /s This is a test" repeats the text every 2.5 seconds, but "/in 2.5 /say Hello" does nothing at all. I realize that many other addons like ace and such allow for the /in time delay, but they dont include the naming feature "/in 2...