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File: X-Perl UnitFrames12-09-08
Pet Values
Posted By: FattSlice
Was the percent display for Pet Values removed? I have completely reset my UI and have reloaded X-Perl quite a few times with different versions and I am not able to get it to display, it is not even an option as it used to be next to "Pet Value Display".
File: Scrolling Combat Text11-07-08
Originally posted by IRID1UM Hi!...
Posted By: FattSlice
Originally posted by IRID1UM Hi! Is there anything wrong with this line? I never hear the sound in game. = {name="Overpower", display="Overpower!", type="MISS", target="TARGET", source="SELF", override=false, misstype="DODGE", r=256/256, g=256/256, b=0/256, iscrit=1, soundwave="Interface\\AddOns\\sct\\opa.wav", class={"Warrior"}}...
File: oGlow10-21-08
Nothing seems to be wrong except th...
Posted By: FattSlice
Nothing seems to be wrong except that silly WoW says that it's "out of date", not sure if that would be a code fix or not, but other than that everything is fine.