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File: pMap08-26-09
Moving of the WorldMap
Posted By: mail4zvv
Hello! Do u plan to add to er great small addon function, wich allow to drag-and-drop WorldMap? It would be great, i think. Thx u!
File: Xqords08-25-09
Change extention, m8 =)
Posted By: mail4zvv
Re-upload er great addon with ZIP extention, m8. Wowinterface UI manager do not work with RAR :p Good luck!
File: SpellAlerter05-13-09
Posted By: mail4zvv
Hi, thx u for ur great addon, m8 :o Is there real to add function (chekbox may be), that allow show only those casts/spells, which are directed against me in case, when i dont need see all arounds casts. For example: some bad mage cast sheep on me, but in the heat of fight i can not see it because there may be a lot of other casts a...
File: zfpoison RU+EN04-25-09
wrong extention of the file with addon
Posted By: mail4zvv
Инсталлер этого ресурса не работает с файлами в форматk...
File: RoguePowerBars04-17-09
Posted By: mail4zvv
Hi, have this error after 3.1 patch in your great addon: : RoguePowerBars-2.2.8\RoguePowerBars.lua:1009: bad argument #1 to 'gsub' (string expected, got nil) RoguePowerBars-2.2.8\RoguePowerBars.lua:1009: in function `RemoveSpaces' RoguePowerBars-2.2.8\RoguePowerBars.lua:708: in function `PopulateBuffs' RoguePowerBars-2.2.8\RogueP...
File: _Corpse03-27-09
Do not work on Russian Server
Posted By: mail4zvv
Look like addon do not work on Russian servers (ruRU): there is no additional info in tip, when i mouse over a corpse :confused:
File: Log Gnome01-05-09
Errors with installing and updating
Posted By: mail4zvv
Hi, first of all words - thx u for small and usefull addon! I have 1 problem: WoWinterface UI Manager talking "Error - Unsupported addon" and dont install it. Also he dont update er addon (i was install er addon manualy) - write the same error.
File: Natur Enemy Castbar11-19-08
Hi, m8. First of words, wanna thx y...
Posted By: mail4zvv
Hi, m8. First of words, wanna thx you for a great addon! Is this real, to add to this great addon checkbox, that will allow to show only those casts, that are casting on me? In this situation i will can fast react on enemy casts :rolleyes: PS sorry for my bad english ^_^
File: EventAlert11-19-08
Posted By: mail4zvv
Hi, thx for a great addon, m8. Can u add OmniCC-like timer to the flashed icon, witch will show time of proc? Thx!