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File: oUF_ichik04-23-10
Party target PLZ!!!!
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Party target PLZ!!!!
File: OnScreenHealth04-06-10
Originally posted by Phanx Dammit...
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Originally posted by Phanx Dammit. I always forget to turn that off. >_< >>> formatted string:xxxx $c min / max :xxx/xxxx .... .... .... spam massage printing~
File: OnScreenHealth04-05-10 (2010-04-04) version...
Posted By: zadd (2010-04-04) version debug message printed~
File: oUF P3lim02-15-09
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Interface\AddOns\oUF_P3lim\oUF_P3lim.lua:50: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'r' (a nil value) Count: 8 Call Stack: (tail call): ? : ? Interface\AddOns\oUF_P3lim\oUF_P3lim.lua:50: in function (tail call): ? Interface\AddOns\oUF\elements\tags.lua:269: in function `UpdateTag...
File: StellarBars02-12-09
petbar position~ http://image.pl...
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petbar position~ http://image.playforum.net:8080/gallery/echo/10152016/902/WoWScrnShot_021309_113106.jpg Probably is this talk does.
File: TotemTimers 11.0 MoP Beta02-08-09
beta4~~ Interface\AddOns\TotemTi...
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beta4~~ Interface\AddOns\TotemTimers\SetupTimers.lua:227: Usage: UnitBuff("unit", or ) Count: 2 Call Stack: (tail call): ? : ? : in function `UnitBuff' Interface\AddOns\TotemTimers\SetupTimers.lua:227: in function `TotemEvent' Interface\AddOns\TotemTimers\SetupTimers.lua:166: in function
File: Sage UnitFrames02-08-09
WidthSlider error~ Interface\Add...
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WidthSlider error~ Interface\AddOns\Sage\frame.lua:564: table index is nil Count: 24 Call Stack: (tail call): ? : ? Interface\AddOns\Sage\frame.lua:564: in function `action' Interface\AddOns\Sage\frame.lua:549: in function `ForFrame' Interface\AddOns\Sage_Config\widgets\panel.lua:146: in function
File: Sage UnitFrames02-05-09
Thanks.. NIce unitframe. and....
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Thanks.. NIce unitframe. and. The expectation tries a partytarget support.
File: oUF_Hypocrisy01-14-09
oh~GOOD LAYOUT, . . . Druid m...
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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)01-04-09
* pet target option Interface\Ad...
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* pet target option Interface\AddOns\Stuf\icons.lua:40: attempt to index local 'uf' (a nil value) Count: 2 Call Stack: (tail call): ? Interface\AddOns\Stuf\icons.lua:40: in function `b' Interface\AddOns\Stuf\core.lua:697: in function `UpdateElementLook' Interface\AddOns\Stuf_Options\options.lua:861: in function