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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)02-15-09
Patern Tag.
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Great addon. Low CPU usage, no errors as far as I can see, friendly-user configuration, transparency... Very good work!
File: CursorCastbar11-09-08
Originally posted by Duugu Tokama...
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Originally posted by Duugu Tokamal: Both of your problems are fixed with 1.5. Thx for your feedback. It works fine now. Great job.
File: CursorCastbar11-04-08
I followed the points you have list...
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I followed the points you have listed. I see the anchor frame and the bar functions correctly. But when I disable the PowerSpellText, I see "player test string" also when I don't cast anything. At this moment the castbar is still working, but the text is still here too. I change the scale and the texture. Then I type /rl, and the cas...
File: CursorCastbar11-03-08
CCB works fine with me, except when...
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CCB works fine with me, except when I choose to anchor it somewhere in the screen with a low alpha. Then it simply disappears. How can I fixe it? A reload don't make CCB reappears, I must exit the game and enter again. But the problem is still here. Edit: I have the .lua error option activated, but nothing appears.
File: Engravings10-24-08
Data list appears twice.
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Hello, First, please excuse my wrong english as I am French and not used to write in this language. I'm a big fan of all your addons (perhaps not all at least just a great number of them :)). Engravings seams to me to be a great addon, but I have a problem with it, all the data appears twice in the tooltip, as we can see in...